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21. Tinnitussymposium 2019 in Berlin

[Wednesday, 19/06/2019]

Since 2015 the Tinnitus Center of the Charité organizes the annual Tinnitus Symposium together with the German Tinnitus Foundation Charité. In addition, the event will also host the first meeting of the new European...[more]

German Tinnitus-Foundation Charité awards research prize

[Thursday, 04/04/2019]

In 2019, the German Tinnitus-Foundation Charité for the first time awards its Research Prize "Tinnitus & Hearing" worth 10.000 euros. The prize will honour outstanding achievements in the field of cause...[more]

TIN-ACT: Dedicated to understanding tinnitus. All over Europe

[Monday, 18/02/2019]

TIN-ACT is a European consortium that investigates tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”). The Tinnituszentrum Charité supports the expert team. Tinnitus is a very common and potentially devastating condition. People with...[more]