Youth Against Tinnitus

Hundreds of thousands of young people in this country expose their hearing continuously to such high levels of noise that they suffer irreversible damage often associated with tinnitus. Largely ignored by the public, a mega health problem is developing with all its negative consequences for those affected and their quality of life and for society as a whole, which finances the health system.

Education and Information Campaign

The principal aim of the educational and information campaign is to inform the general public, especially young people, about how tinnitus develops and about lasting hearing defects. Many young people are not aware of the dangers of permanently overloading their hearing with loud music and noise. Comprehensive prevention work is therefore needed for younger generations in particular.

To begin with, the German Tinnitus Foundation Charité was present at various festivals and music events in Berlin. The aim was to raise the awareness of audiences about the need for noise protection – while naturally avoiding any moralizing overtones. Appropriate methods of campaign work with young people were also developed and tested.

The education and information campaign itselt was finally launched on 21/07/2012 at one of the biggest techno events in Germany, the Berlin Summer Rave at Tempelhof Airport. Camera teams spoke to visitors about tinnitus, took pictures of them and distributed give-aways such as earplugs and printed cloth bags. Any who had hearing problems or were interested in the subject could obtain information and advice from the medical experts at the foundation's information stand.

Since then, the campaign is continuosly being expanded throughout the country. In future, parents and teachers in kindergartens, schools and leisure facilities are to be included.

The German Tinnitus Foundation Charité depends on the financial support of donors and sponsors to carry out this far-reaching project.

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